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The research papers have the following structure: a plan, an introduction, the main body that consists of few chapters and subsections, a conclusion, a list of references and the additions. The contents of your research must combine with an educational purpose, general needs of society and questions of the present time. The process of writing the research paper for college has individual character. This process is going on the proper chart. The first step is a choice of correct topic. It must be interesting and actual for modern youth. You always must remember about the actuality and freshness of chosen problem. The second step is a planning. The good plan must be short, clear and exact. The third step is a selection the sources and literature. Each research paper must be based on some scientific and experimental basis and to include the links to relevant literature. This literature can include the fiction books, scientific publications and articles, magazines and newspapers and so on. But it can be not only the literature, you also can use another source of information such as educational films, scientific and documentary films, audio and video records, the Internet, etc. But you should remember that the volume of a research paper should not exceed the proper quantity of pages. So, you need to choose only interesting and indispensable information. After that, you can begin the writing of your research paper. You need to abide your plan. Your work must meet the requirements. You must avoid lexical, grammatical, stylistic and punctuation mistakes. You also need to use the persuasive evidence and arguments in favor of your opinion. In conclusion, you need to sum up all materials of your research paper and show your own points of view according to the chosen topic.

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