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The process of writing the research paper must be the develop of the creative and cognitive activity of students that aimed at strengthening and expanding the knowledge and skills, and in-depth study of selected topic. First of all, you need to determine a topic of your work. It must be not so wide, but in that time, and not so narrow. You need to choose the problem that you will be light up. In this case, the problem is some scientific contradiction or question which must be solved. After that you should set oneself the aim to which you must come up in the progress of work at your topic and problem. In the introduction, you need to define the actuality, the purpose and tasks of chosen topic. You must become acquainted with the sources of information according to your topic. It can be books and appliances, educational accessories, enchiridion, publications, periodicals and newspapers, the Internet, etc. You need to show the different points of view which are taken to the chosen problem. You can conduct the experiments, interrogations, interview and so on. Then, you need to make the analysis of information that you got. And, you should write the results of this analysis in the main body of your work. You also must write your own opinion and considerations in your research paper. In conclusion, you need to sum up all information and to mention the achieved purpose and tasks. If you can not write your work, you always can buy custom research papers in our company.

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