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The research paper helps to improve the research knowledge and skills of independent work. It also helps to broaden the outlook of students and involve the students in the process of self- education and self- development. The research papers have such structure as an introduction, a main body of work, a conclusion, a list of references and the additions, if they needed. But before you begin to write the research paper, you should select a topic for it. The good topic will be promote better accomplishment of your work. In the introduction, you need to point out the aim and tasks of your work. You must show the actuality and scientism of chosen topic. The actuality means the expediency of your work for development of certain field of science. The main body consists of few chapters and subdivision, paragraphs and subparagraphs. They must be logically connected among themselves. You need to show theoretical and practical meaning of research paper. The contents of work must meet to the aim. Your works must have the smooth transition from one issue to another. You can use the interesting historical facts, quotations, stories of own life and so on. When you prepare your work, you need to read many different literature. It can be books, scientific publications and articles, journals and newspapers, etc. In conclusion, you should sum up the received information and to show your point of view according to chosen problem.

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